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Buy One. Plant One.™ and #WoodchuckTheWorld

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Woodchuck USA is a custom wood products brand that is constantly asking “How do we put nature back in people’s lives?” Since 2012 this premium brand has focused on more than just trendy wood accessories by creating jobs in America (products are manufactured in Minnesota) and through global reforestation efforts.

The Woodchuck USA Buy One. Plant One. Program began in 2015 with the objective to plant a tree for each product sold. On average, Woodchuck plants between 2,500 and 4,000 trees for every one used in their highly-efficient manufacturing process. The company spends over 50% of profits on tree planting initiatives and employs 50 full-time workers in Minneapolis, MN. Woodchuck announced it planted its one millionth tree in October 2017 as a direct result of the Buy One. Plant One Program. [1]

“A million trees in two years is just the beginning,” said Woodchuck founder and CEO, Ben VandenWymelenberg. “We’re here to inspire the wonder of nature throughout our global communities, to help maintain Earth’s biodiversity and ultimately, to reforest the entire planet.”

BIC Graphic has partnered with Woodchuck USA to provide premium mahogany, walnut, and cedar iPhone cases (6/6S, 6/6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus). Each wood case is handcrafted with a flexible rubber rim on the face for added protection. A 2”w X 1”h laser engraved imprint on the back is standard.

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When customers purchase a Woodchuck phone case through BIC Graphic, they can connect with their Buy One. Plant One tree’s individual story by visiting the program website. Each purchase comes with a code that reveals the location of the tree that customer helped plant. The site also provides information about how local reforestation is impacting the environment and community.

To learn more about Woodchuck USA and the Buy One. Plant One™ program visit www.woodchuckusa.com.

View Woodchuck USA products at bicgraphic.com.

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