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Practical Advice for Face Masks

Scott Polston
Promotional Marketing Consultant, Garment Graphics, LLC.

The evidence is mounting that we will all need to embrace face masks and/or face covers as part of daily life as we progress through the Covid-19 pandemic. A top topic we are being asked about is face masks so I wanted to take a moment to give you some helpful information.

We are not scientists at Garment Graphics so this isn't a scientific commentary. I hope you find that a relief compared to the contentious news and social media.

The Types: Medical Masks, Surgical Masks and Cloth Masks. Our focus has been on the options for cloth masks and advising our clients on them. There will be a growing practical need for masks as lock-down measures are loosened. Even as society begins to reopen, we won't be all clear from a health perspective. Wearing masks at work and in public is likely to remain a mandate and/or recommended practice from some time to come.  

What is available and how much do the costs?  
The disposable surgical masks and re-usable cloth masks are your best bet.  The N95 masks should be reserved for medical professionals.  We recommend carefully considering the options, first is disposable versus reusable cloth.  Given that mask requirements may be around for quite some time the reusable will save money over time.  Disposables are ranging for a little under $1 to $5 per mask, it all depends on the source and quantity.  At Garment Graphics we have sourcing for the FDA approved surgical style for $50 for a box of 50.  Cloth masks have a much larger range for pricing - single ply t-shirt masks can be inexpensive in the $1 - $3 range depending on decoration.  Single ply gaiter styles are made of a combination of polyester and a spandex material, very popular in the construction, fishing and other outdoor sports they can have cooling qualities and sun protection qualities, in addition to face mask features - we have been selling this style for years.  They range in the $5 - $15 depending on size, material and decoration.

2-ply and 3-ply masks are available in cottons, polyesters, blends and polyester spandex.  Some of the decision making for these styles are the other features.  The amount and type of use will help pick between the wearing options -  over the head, tied, and/or behind the ears are options.  Some masks have the option of inserting an additional filter to add a layer to the existing layers.  This system has been around for a long time for pollution ridden cities to assists with protection.  The filters can have an activated charcoal similar to air-cleaners.

Blank versus Decorated?
Decoration of masks can be really fun with full color graphics sublimated on a polyester style or can be more straight forward with a single logo on the side.  We have great options depending on your goal but there is no negative to a logo'd and decorated mask.  There aren't any impression studies on mask yet but we feel a hat is a great comparison.  I have not met anyone that puts on a hat and doesn't know exactly what logos are on it as well as it is a walking billboard.  Hat studies cite 5000+ impressions for the average hat.  Naturally the nicer the hat the higher the average and we think that will apply to masks as well.  Providing a blank mask is a great gesture but we don't think you should pass up the opportunity to brand


What is the Marketing Value?

An important trend is the mounting evidence that face masks/coverings are moving beyond being a practical tools for slowing the spread and becoming a fashion accessory. Major brands are already represented and for sale as masks. MLB, NBA and NCAA brands as well as fashion designers are already designing custom pattern for masks. Impression equals marketing value and with masks there is an added appreciation to the impression. Branding is the feeling transmitted by your logos and messaging this product is also a hot topic drawing additional attention to all involved.  

How quickly can I get masks?

There is a rush to market with both sellers and buyers it is truly impressive how quickly products can come to market. The timelines seem to have leveled off for many of the options. We have great 3-ply options in stock at Garment Graphics so all we need to do is work with you on decorating. Fully custom styles are ranging in the 2 week to 5 week timelines depending on the source. We are working with many clients on a two tiered plan, supplying some masks now to have additional masks coming later. Something to know is there is a lot of price gouging and fraudulent activities going on so stick to reputable businesses that you hopefully have a relationship with. The fraud stories are already piling in.

Garment Graphics Face Covers and Face Masks for your organization.

We are offering free consultation, free set ups and value pricing and can help you with your project.  Mention "Free Set up" when you contact us.

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