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Frequently asked questions:

What is the minimum order?
6 pieces with embroidery and 12 pieces for screen printing, these are the two most popular decorating techniques but other styles are available send us a note with questions.

Is there a setup fee?
Yes and no, for screen printing we have no set fees. Embroidery generally requires a $25 set up for new logos.

Do you have the sizes I need?
Yes, we have uniform in styles that come in extended sizes up to 6 XL. We also have a great selection of tall sizes and maternity styles.

Do you sell blank apparel?
You don’t need a logo on everything so yes for uniform or staff apparel program s we have items you will purchase blank.

What is the typical turnaround time?
Let us know if you have an event or special timeline that you are working with so we can try to meet that timeline. Otherwise, turnaround will vary by project; some folks like to think 2 weeks is standard. 2 weeks works for a lot of projects but it is always dependent on having all the variables defined and approved. We can help you stay on track to get your items on time for your event.

How do you compare to a uniform company with laundry service?
Many of these companies lease or rent the apparel or uniforms and offer laundry services as part of the program. Keep in mind much of their profit comes from charging several times over for the same garment. Our experience is that two things occur in these programs - #1, they don’t deliver on their promises and your staff gets poorly cleaned and used uniforms, #2 - your staff has zero incentive to care for the clothing. We recommend a comparison between annual cost of the service from one of these companies to a required uniform purchased from us with a percentage of employee participation. Your staff will look better and you’ll save money.

Will you embroider or screen print on garments I bring to you?
Generally, the answer is no. We do make rare exceptions for us specialty fit styles that we can’t source. It almost always it makes sense to take advantage of the selection and volume pricing we provide versus sourcing your own blanks. We have great clients that used to shop Costco and other major discounters only to find out we had a better value and saved them the hassle of getting the garments.

How do I know what decoration is best?
You don’t need to; we will help with the choices between screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, DTG, laser decorated, and other decorating choices.

Can you help me with my logo?
Yes! We can design, or fix almost anything in our graphic design dept. We also advise you about your branding message, to make your message matter.

What garment locations can I put my logo on?
We use the terms “standard” location and “special” location to describe the options. Typical standard location for most decorating is a choice between left chest, right chest, left and or right sleeves, and below collar on back. Screen printing also includes standard locations of full front and full back prints. Special locations are available upon request some of the most common are hip prints, vertical prints, oversees seams, and oversized prints.

Everyone on my staff likes different styles can you help me?
Yes, we have great styles to appeal to all tastes. We can also help you with controlling the options available. Having choices for your staff should not be complete chaos and should also still be consistent with your branding.

What brands can I choose from?
We have all the great browns available and can help you with the choices of when you should select brand apparel versus generic brands.

We have various departments and locations across the state and country, can you help us?
Yes we have tools to help with the distribution of promotional marketing and apparel this is really big because even very large companies don’t have a job title for on ordering apparel and promotional items. We can help with designing selection planning and distribution to make your job easy.

Can you create online solutions to help with ordering?
Yes, the Internet is 24 seven offering convenience for staff and others to browse at their convenience we have the online options that save time and money.