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Affordable and effective branding and messaging for your promotional campaigns from trade show displays to promotional products to t-shirt designs we can help.  

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Your message matters

A big part of our promotional services is logo creation, design layout, and art services to make your message matter! Garment Graphics is continually evolving to help ensure your messages reaches your customers in a consistent and precise manner.

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Some of Examples of How We Can Help:

Making Your Artwork Production Ready

Bitmaps, low resolution, color separations, re-coloring, re-design, vector conversion and similar services for your projects; use our expertise to make your branding and message production ready for a successful promotional campaign.

Brand Integrity and Consistency

Our clients trust us to protect their brands. Numerous organizations rely on Garment Graphics to ensure their brand consistency in messaging, color guidelines and art requirements. We can do that for your organization, too! You can be confident that we know how to follow guidelines and can be creative without compromising your brand or branding message.

From Trade Show Displays to T-shirt Graphics

From simple to complex, our graphic art service can help you create custom graphics for event displays, staff apparel and promotional materials. We can creative comletely custom artwork or help recreate what you envision. We have a clear understanding of the production process to make sure that your graphics are going to look great, no matter what method of decoration you use or on what type of items you are branding.

Promotional Expertise

Sometimes creativity goes wrong! Don't let your message say something you didn't intend because of production/art mistakes. We know what we are doing, have more than 20 years experience, and have a network of preferred promotional partners that can help enhance your brand and message - without mistakes!