Our Vision

"One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade."

Garment Graphics is a company founded on the idea that the work we do today should have a lasting impact on the future.  The products we create, the benefits our clients receive, the staff we employ and the gifts of time, treasure and talent that the company donates - we believe that if we plant the seeds now...other will reap the shade of the tree later.

Garment Graphics represents excellence in promotional marketing with diverse options and exceptional value.  Part of that exceptional value is through our creativity, customer service, and how we work to understand our client's needs and fulfill them.  Our entire staff is a key ingredient to the success of our vision and our vision includes an inspired, energized, and efficient workplace.  Our company will always strive for innovation and continuous improvement while acknowledging that we won't be all things to all clients.

Our Brand and Yours

"We are deeply committed to driving continuous innovation within the supply chain, not only to safeguard our own and our clients' brand reputations but, above all, to champion human rights and ensure fair and ethical treatment of workers at every tier of the supply chain. The apparel industry has a troubling history of human rights violations, which is why we vigilantly adhere to the guidance and recommendations provided by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and its affiliated organizations.

Our approach to promotional marketing is rooted in achieving exceptional outcomes, leaving a lasting impression and fostering goodwill. We believe in delivering items of exceptional quality and high utility, with impeccable decoration that adheres to the highest standards and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, we employ a proven and thoroughly researched approach to ensure that these items reflect our clients' values, ultimately enhancing their brand's resonance with their target audience. We are staunch proponents of socially responsible promotions, driven by a commitment to protect our environment from unnecessary waste."

Who is Garment Graphics and Promotional Products

Garment Graphics - Fun Video

We've created an engaging video that encapsulates the essence of Garment Graphics. While some may perceive us primarily as a screen printing or embroidery company, we'd like to emphasize that these are just facets of our multifaceted approach in assisting our valued clients. Our dedicated team and in-house capabilities are integral to our unique offerings, paving the way for solutions that encompass brand establishment, recognition, recruitment, retention, and expansion – all areas where we truly excel.

Promotional marketing stands apart from other marketing strategies, and it delivers tangible results. As your trusted experts, we specialize in developing, strategizing, and executing promotional campaigns that bring your visions to life. Let us be the problem-solvers who propel you toward your goals and aspirations.

Educational Marketing Collegiate to K-12

Educational Marketing

Our expertise in educational marketing is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the education sector. With a track record of success, we possess a keen insight into the evolving landscape of education, from K-12 to higher education institutions and beyond. Our team combines cutting-edge promotional marketing and custom apparel enabling us to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with educators, students, and parents alike. Whether it's optimizing a uniform program, launching effective recruitment drives, or fostering community engagement, our proficiency in educational marketing empowers institutions to reach their goals and create meaningful impacts in the ever-evolving world of education. Let us help you.

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Garment Graphics and Promotional Products specializing in great campaigns that drive results.
Garment Graphics affiliations and memberships - ASI and PPAI industry associations.  We are proud members of the FLA, Fair Labor Association and for PPAI have achieved Product Safety continuing education.