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High quality embroidery on a great polo style, jacket, hat, or bag, brings additional value to your brand. In addition is a proven winner for decorating apparel for your organization!

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It’s all about stitches

Great embroidery uses density, angles, backing, stabilizers, topping and stitch types to create an attractive design. Bad embroidery can have defects in design clarity as well as overall appearance. Naturally, bad embroidery defeats the purpose of decorating at all; leaving a dull or detracting impression of your brand. Trust your brand and message to Garment Graphics! Our in-house production allows us to raise the level of embroidery. With our knowledge of the embroidery decorating process, we’ll be able to help you make the best choices of logo and garment. Outerwear is one of the most appreciated promotional item to say thank you to customers, prospects and staff.

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"Say it in stitches"

Polo shirts are the most popular embroidered item because they are a great choice for corporate casual apparel and uniforms. Our clients use embroidered apparel for its professional appearance, high perceived value and its ability to build community and organizational pride.

Beyond polos, hats are great for your custom embroidered logo. Hats are an excellent option to give to clients and staff without as much concern for sizing. Totes, duffels, messengers and other bag styles are perfect for embroidery, too. No size requirements, perfect for both men and women, bags are a very useful item that many people will see – so you get a lot of impressions! Don’t forget sweaters, ¼ zips and outerwear to display your logo and brand message. Outerwear is one of the most appreciated promotional item to say thank you to customers, prospects and staff.

Embroidery also adds the flexibility to easily personalize items.

Combined with low minimum quantities (just 6 pieces) custom embroidered items are great for our fulfillment programs. We help clients using our fulfillment programs to uniform their staff and help create motivation/rewards campaigns for achieving milestones and top performance. Garment Graphics can also help you with Incentives for volunteers and donors, building value at multiple levels for non-profit clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you embroider small text? – Yes, but there are limitations to consider. A good rule of thumb is that small text should be a block font style, ¼ inch tall or larger, and lines of the text should be a sharp crayons width. Font styles that have smaller openings in the letters like a, e, b, etc. will have more issues as the small openings will fill in if sized too small.

What is stitch count? – Stitch count literally is the number of stitches performed by the embroidery machine to create the logo. Stitch count matters for quality and cost of an embroidered logo. Areas of large fill will create higher stitch counts. Also, digitizing the logo for higher detail will increase the stitch count. Higher stitch count equals a longer run time for the project which increases the cost. Garment Graphics has the experience to create the embroidered logo to look the best on the material selected, at competitive prices, without compromising quality.

What is Applique? – Applique is sewing fabric to a garment. It can add texture and design elements to a garment that you can’t achieve with direct embroidery. Also, applique can replace large stitch intensive areas of a design making it more cost effective.

Will my logo work well for embroidery and what garments are best for embroidery? – These two questions are put together because the answer is the same for both – it depends. We are not trying to dodge the question so here are some things to consider – large logos or logos with large fill areas can cause issues for performance fabric shirts because they are too heavy for the fabric. This same idea applies to trying to embroider most t-shirt styles. If the same logo is going on a twill work shirt it may be no problem. Round logos generally are more challenging for embroidery. Logos with gradients of color and fine detail can be a challenge for embroidery as well. There are a lot of variables, but Garment Graphics can help you with the best selections. We can also suggest changes that will enhance the results to make your logo better for embroidery. Our embroidery is in-house so we have the hands on knowledge to get the best results.

How many colors can I use? - The great news is that embroidery isn’t based on the number of colors in the decoration, and you are able to choose up to 9 colors!

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