School Uniform Programs by Garment Graphics

For more than 30 years, Garment Graphics has helped educators and the families they serve with the 4 R's: 

Recruitment, Retention, Recognition and Reputation!

 Using custom apparel and promotional items, we'll help you achieve your goals and make sure marketing dollars are well spent. 

 Contact us to learn more about our uniform programs, fundraising, gifts of gratitude, event planning or any other marketing needs!

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On-Time Delivery

Regardless of the program that you select, we promise that items will be shipped promptly. In the event there is a delay, we will clearly communicate what the delay is and how we can help solve the issue. Because Garment Graphics decorates all apparel at our Arizona warehouse where the inventory is kept, we are able to produce high quality products with a quick turn around time



Great Prices

Garment Graphics has been in the uniform business for almost 20 years and has developed great relationships with our product partners. We offer 2 uniform options that help your school decide what program works best for the school, and then pricing is set-up accordingly.

Convenient Delivery

Garment Graphics will help your school determine what delivery method is best - direct to school, direct to family or a combination of both options. Our company has a fulfillment program from our Arizona warehouse that ships promptly and accurately 99% of the time! In the event of a delay, our staff will clearly communicate to the purchaser what the problem is and how we are going to solve. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Garment Graphics knows that there are many choices for school uniform providers, but our company sets itself apart by offering exceptional, personal customer service. That service is extended to both the families we serve and the schools we partner with. We are available Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM to personally handle any questions via the phone or email, and 24/7 via email with a prompt response promise!

Fundraising Opportunities

Few companies offer schools the advantage of working with an experienced uniform provider, and allowing them to buy direct to help maximize savings to the families, or to use the sales of the uniforms to help raise additional funds. 

Customer Testimonials

Garment Graphics is a pleasure to work with. Their product knowledge, diverse options, creativity, and collaborative style are much appreciated. Their team also understands deadlines, and they do a great job keeping the ordering process moving along as quickly as possible. If you are expanding your business or school's ​brand presence, you should be working with them!

Stephanie Rising, The Rising School

Thank you!! Everyone was so impressed and excited to receive their orders yesterday! The feedback was truly great and many questions asked about when they can order again and ordering a variety of other apparel too! :) Thank you for making our families first experience a fabulous one!​

Krissy O'Reilly, The Leman Academy of Excellence

Perception is reality" and parent's perceive that students have a better educational experience when their child is dressed in a uniform.  Not only that, but having students in custom decorated apparel is a great marketing strategy!

Nick Clemente, Retired School Superintendent