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Hats can celebrate milestones like project completion, corporate anniversaries and many other events of accomplishment. 

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Fun with Hats at Garment Graphics

  • Fully Custom Options
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  • Low Minimums
  • All Levels – Pro Sports to Promo Giveaway
Lets celebrate your accomplishment

We love hats as a promotional item!!

We love hats as a promotional item!! Keep in mind we do hats at all levels ranging from an inexpensive apparel item to varsity level sports. We represent brands like New Era, Pacific, Richardson and others that you will see being worn by championship teams celebrating the big win! Every hat is seen by the wearer as well as anyone they encounter. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t know what they had on their head. Not to mention hats are worn proudly by veterans allowing us thank them for all the freedoms we enjoy.

When we produce projects for our varsity and club sports clients we know we may be making a hat that will be saved by the player for many years beyond their athletic years. We have even seen some of our corporate client hats become a “collector” item, at least for a specific audience.

We have clients that give hats to their customers and for the customer it is an expected item that they look forward to getting each year.

According to a PPAI study in the US the average promotional hat will receive an average of 2999 impressions! This makes hats an extremely cost effective advertising medium.

Fun Facts

If the average hat equals 2999 impressions, we ask our clients why we should be average. Hats are fun!! We offer diverse styles and decorating, that make designing your next hat a true branding opportunity for your organization. We have all levels available to you:

  • In House Decorating with Low Minimums!
    • Diverse stock hat styles ready for up to 4 decorating locations
    • Advanced decorating techniques like 3D embroidery, Patch Style, Leather Style, and Flex Style techniques.
  • USA Custom Styles
  • Fully Custom Overseas Styles

Various styles from performance to trucker styles to choose from that allow you to personalize the style to your audience. Lots of flexibility! We have clients that break up their project into multiple hat styles and color combinations. Hats can be a promotion or a gift. As we mentioned before the reason for the hat or the level of the hat can make a hat a highly appreciated gift.