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"A picture can say a thousand words!" So can your custom screen printed t-shirt at Garment Graphics!

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Unique purpose with style

Every project is unique and we have all the capabilities you need to design a great shirt.  We will help you select the best shirt for your group and design with our vast selection of brands, fabrics and styles.  Our staff are the experts in apparel.

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How we can help

Our job isn't just to print a t-shirt or take an online order using preset graphics; we have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals.  As a promotional marketing company with in house production we can help you on all aspects of your apparel project, including: design, production, packaging, and distribution.  Our graphics department can help you refine your idea into production ready graphics.  Beyond t-shirts we can also help you plan your entire promotion with promo items, display, and follow up.

Innovative Techniques

  • Traditional and Water based Inks
  • Combination Printing – for specialty effects
  • Simulated Process Printing
  • Foils, shimmers and other metallic
  • Process Printing
  • Discharge Printing
  • Combine Screen Printing and Embroidery

Our minimum order starts at a low 12 pieces so we can help most groups, businesses, or organizations with great custom screen printed apparel.

We believe apparel should match the design and decorating!  Making the right choices in the apparel to match your design or the other way around is crucial for making a great shirt and we can help you with all the variables. 

T-shirts for every need

  • Great Brands - We have all the major brands but also specialize in many premium and specialty brands.
  • All the styles you need – short, long, ¾ sleeve, unisex, ladies, youth, tanks, sleeveless, performance, henleys, hooded, blends, cotton, tri-blends, V-necks, slub, burn-out, camo, tie-dyed, sun protection UPF, safety, fire resistant, and more. 
  • Workwear
  • Event shirts
  • Spirit wear
  • Athletic and Performance

T-shirts include hundreds of brands and styles that when combined with all the fabrics and decorating choices creates thousands of options for your custom shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “Flash” printing? – Any easy way to think of flash printing is to think of painting a wall. If you want to paint over a darker color it will most likely take 2 coats or more of paint or primer and paint. Flash printing allows us to put the second coat of ink immediately after flash curing the first coat so the ink will be solid on a dark shirt. Flash printing is used with under-basing and high opacity inks.

What are “Half-tones”? – Half-tones are dots in various density levels. Depending on the density the dots will allow either the shirt color or an under-base show thru between the dots. This gives the color a shading effect. This can be used to create a great design element; it is also used to reduce the number of print colors on a shirt.

For t-shirts and other garments, what does “Ring Spun” mean? - Ring Spun is yarn made by continuously twisting and thinning a rope of cotton fibers. The twisting makes the short hairs of cotton stand out, resulting in a stronger yarn with a significantly softer hand. What is the least expensive t-shirt? – Basic t-shirts are very inexpensive and prices can actually change weekly with the price of cotton. White unisex shirts are the least expensive for two reasons, first the underlying garment is the least expensive and second decorating a white shirt doesn’t require flash printing so it speeds production time and lowers cost.

What size will my design be? – This is a great question and will vary by project. Stipulating a design size as 12” wide may be a really bad thought. We see projects of all types – 12” simply won’t fit on many youth and ladies styles. Even if the design will fit, it may not look good. There is a wrapping effect that occurs when a design is too big for the wearer of the shirt, the ends of the design wrap around the body. This can be really problematic either drawing too much attention to the design or detracting from the desired impact. We will advise you on proper sizing for your project.

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