Online Stores and Fulfillment - FAQ's

What is an online store? 

An online store is a web-based online store solution to help your organization meet its ordering goals (schools, businesses or non-profits can add any custom-branded items). We provide a variety or options for ease of use, including “smart start”, “premium” and “platinum” versions that include stocking and inventory management of your branded or logoed items.

How long does it take to set up an online store for my organization? 

We set everything up for you. Typical time frames are a few days to a few weeks depending on how many items you would like to carry. 

How much does an online store cost? 

Costs vary depending on the solution chosen. The “smart start” store set-up fee begins at only $49 and includes up to one branded item. Stock is additional. We offer more significant solutions, including a comprehensive online store and fulfillment solution for many items, distribution, and seasonality. Call or email us for details. 

How many products can I offer on my store? 

Smart start stores allow for one custom, branded item. Our premium store allows for up to 6 branded items. Our platinum solutions offer significant upgrades and merchandising options. Contact us for more details. 

Can you ship "our" product? 

We can ship anywhere locally (sometimes at no additional cost), and nationally at a user-friendly fee. We do not mark up our shipping prices. We will ensure you know the cost of shipping before any completed order. 

How often can a store be open? 

We typically open a store for you once or twice a year. We offer solutions that open your store four times a year. Our platinum solution allows you to open your store seasonally – including any additional planned event times. 

Are there any fundraising opportunities with stores? 

Yes, Garment Graphics offers fundraising opportunities at an additional small fee. You can earn from 10%-20% back for your philanthropic organization or fundraising goals. 

Can you be a retail partner?

No, we do not do "retail" programs, our focus is with promotional marketing needs of our clients.  We do assist some retailers with their marketing needs but not their product fulfillment.

What is the most common misconception about online stores?

Online stores are not a "Field of Dreams" meaning if you build it they will come.  They are a tool to make you more successful but depending on the store it will need to be communicated and sometimes promoted to your organization.

How does an online store/fulfillment save money?

On many levels - group ordering vs individual ordering, staff and administrative time to create, organize, tally, and provide customer service for a campaign.

What about refunds and exchanges of product?

We stand behind the quality of the product so we handle any concerns with defect but the client is responsible for all other factors for returns or exchanges.  Factors like ordering errors, sizing changes, and any others that aren't related to a product defect will need to be determined upfront.  

What is the turn-around time for product fulfillment?

It is important to know that we live in a culture that has been redefined by immediate delivery and our stores are not designed for that standard.  We can however set up programs with customer stock on hand for fast fulfillment.  Other stores follow an ordering window with batch processing model.