The Wonders of Water Bottles

Asia Minton

Custom Water Bottles  

Staying hydrated is a job all by itself when living in the hot southwest desert. What better way to keep your employees and customers hydrated for the summer than investing in a water bottle? This is an excellent time to consider a promotion! Refresh yourself for the summer with these custom water bottles ideas that will keep you hydrated.   

Not only do we need to know the signs of dehydration, but we also should know the signs of a quality water bottle. Buying bottled water can be expensive and unsafe for the environment and hazardous for nature. Whether you are going to the gym, work, or traveling there are many options for you to choose from that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Let us help you select the right style of water bottle that works best for you!  

When selecting a water bottle, knowing the different styles can help you plan what looks best with your brand and is the most useful. Stainless, glass, and reusable plastic are all great options. No matter where your day takes you the stainless-steel water bottle will stay cold throughout the day. This water bottle can be used to keep all beverages at the temperature that is needed whether hot or cold. Many stainless-steel styles have a leak proof lid and unique styles of tops like sports, straw, pour spouts, and twist. So many to choose from!  

Glass water bottles can also hold liquid at a steady temperature and are seen as more effective than plastic. Some people perceive that glass bottles are easier to keep clean and love that glass is typically dishwasher safe. It’s also recyclable and environment friendly by keeping it in use and out of landfills. Glass bottles keep filtered water fresh and avoid the risk of chemicals contaminating the water.   

Investing in a reusable, refillable plastic water bottle helps the environment and diminishes some of the concerns of chemical leakage from bottles in landfills. This could be a great investment to sell to customers who are eco-friendly and promote your brand too. Instead of using a water bottle that you would throw away, a reusable water bottle is always in arms reach. Plastic water bottles are eco-friendly and economical!   

With so many choices, you can select a water bottle that will express your company's personality and style! Because people use water bottles everyday (not just in the summer), your logo and branding is visible for a long time. You can show appreciation and gratitude to employees with an item that shows your company cares about the well-being of workers. When using this product messaging is important and will allow you to design a message that creates teamwork and pride in the job they will do. Prioritizing employees can create a high retention percentage in the workplace. Click on the link below for a case study that discusses high retention and the best way to show your appreciation to employees.   


Gift giving is a way to check in with employees to make sure they are accomplishing their goals and maintaining responsibilities. Working where the culture is supportive and giving is a good quality to have at the workplace. Employee wellness is a key component in employee retention and engagement, so consider water bottles as a gift to show that you are prioritizing employees. This same idea can work great with existing and prospective employees as well.   

Once you determine the style of water bottle that fits your needs, let Garment Graphics help you select the best decoration method based on your budget and your design.       

Contact us today to see how we can help make water bottle promotions part of your marketing strategy!  

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