For the Love of Coffee (Mugs)!

Asia Minton

Coffee Mugs 

Promote and grow your brand through the love of coffee (mugs)!  What a great way to engage customers or to thank employees using an item that is an American favorite!  Coffee drinking is universal and a commonality in all businesses and homes. Whether you are enjoying it at your desk, in the breakroom, around a conference table or even in your car - for many people, coffee is a daily routine.     

Coffee mugs can be an essential asset to the office setting and give employees time to clear their minds and fight burnout.  It’s also a great way to create employee connections which can lead to creating a fun and engaging office culture. It allows socialization and a positive atmosphere in the workplace because creating an environment where the employees feel like family will allow cohesiveness on the job. Creating a welcoming environment will motivate employees to hit those daily goals and improve on their personal skills. Having that similarity at work can lead to breaking down social barriers and allow friendships to form and relate on a personal level. This allows healthy interaction and fluidity in getting their responsibilities done.   

 Not only can employees benefit from coffee cups in the office, but customers can also. Used as a thank you gift to regular customers, and to remind them of their continued support - it’s a great item to recognize people.  This gift can enhance the participation of your online accounts or other involvements with your company.  Giveaways are always exciting during holiday seasons and can be given as promotional gifts and souvenirs.  

 When most folks think of coffee mugs, they think of the traditional ceramic mug, but you actually have a lot of options depending on how you drink your coffee (or other hot beverage) and where you are drinking it. Travel coffee mugs will be beneficial when you are on the road and constantly moving. These are typically made of ceramic or stainless steel and can hold more coffee than other mugs - without spilling. Not only are coffee mugs great for coffee drinkers but also for tea and hot chocolate drinkers too. Stoneware mugs are reliable and can last for years. This mug is crafted of durable stoneware and is perfect for versatile designs. The Stoneware mug is great to personalize and use for business logos.  

 Use coffee mugs to promote your brand at events like job fairs, training meetings, recruitment, or other company events. It's a great item that will excite your customers and bring attention to your product while sharing your product your company's message.   

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