Custom Towels That Make an Impression!

Asia Minton

Towels That Make an Impression!

It’s that time of year again; summer is here and the weather in the southwest is Hot! Hot! Hot! Everyone is excited for summer activities and the busy schedules that brings...including trips to water parks, beaches, and pools. What an excellent time to consider a promotion! So, wrap yourself up with these custom towel ideas that will really make an impression.   

Towels are really useful, but custom decorated towels are an opportunity to show off your logo and share your branding message. If you are going to make an investment, towels are the product you want to consider – because people like towels. They use towels. They need towels! There are a few things to consider when selecting a towel for your market needs because you have a lot of choices. Let us help you select the right style and best decoration method based on what you are trying to achieve.   

When buying towels, understanding the weight, size, and material can make a difference. The higher the weight is, the higher the quality of the towel. A good quality towel would weigh around 12-15 pounds per dozen. Higher than that would be more of a premium option. Knowing the weight will help you decide what type of quality you are looking for and what is worth your time and money. When the towel is heavy it can absorb more water and can be described as a luxury towel. This is important depending on the use of the towel.   

There are many towel styles – the most popular being beach towels, fitness towels, golf towels and rally towels. A beach towel is usually bigger than a bath towel because they are not only for drying off but also for laying on them too. Consider the size of the towel. This might depend on your budget or the use of the towel. For beach towels, a good promotional size would be 28” x 58” and a premium size would be 35” x 60”. Obviously, beach towels are popular in the summer months, but they can also be used year-round. Employees and customers appreciate the large imagery and logos can really “pop” or be more tonal depending on your preferred look.  

Fitness towels are a good item for people who like to work out at gyms, whether that is at home or a fitness center. It’s also great for people who are out in the heat, walking or working outdoors. What better way to keep cool and dry yourself off than using a fitness towel? When choosing a gym towel it is important to find the right one. Making sure your towel can provide you with comfort and help you stay dry is important – selecting one that is soft, and absorbent is a good idea. The weight of this style of towel should be light and flexible, making it easy to carry and wick moisture.   

Golf Towels are a great investment to clean your clubs, dry golf balls and sweaty hands. Having a dry golf towel to wipe down can help improve your grip on the club and create a successful swing. It also can be used to reduce the risk of the clubs creating rust when playing on a wet or dew-covered fairway. Golf towels can also have a grommet attached so golfers can clip towels to golf bags or the back of their shorts. This is an excellent opportunity to give as a gift to employees for advancement at the workplace. What a great gift to give for known golf lovers and customers would love this as a thank you for their business.       

One last item to consider is the rally towel – which is a great way to promote spirit, your brand and your enthusiasm when cheering on your favorite player or team. Typically, a rally towel is an inexpensive option that makes a great impression as it waves above your head!   

Once you have selected your towel – you can consider the different decorative methods. When making your logo you have the options of screen printing, laser printing and embroidery. Screen printing is the most popular because it is less expensive than embroidery. Garment Graphics can help you with selecting the best method of decoration. From screen printing a large, vibrant logo, to lasering a tone-on-tone look, or embroidering a small, more elegant design – we can help!   

Contact us today to see how we can help make towel promotions part of your marketing strategy! 

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