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Face Cover Info and FAQ's

Garment Graphics is proud to be a licensed University of Arizona supplier of logo'd and licensed apparel and promotional items.  We have been here for 20+ years to assist with your success.  These are unprecedented times requiring innovation to the changing needs of our community so we have developed options in conjunction with the licensing department to assist with Face Covers and Face Mask for campus.  For the purposes of this information, it should be noted that the information is about non-medical options - additional information.

3-ply USA Made 100 Cotton Mask

Three layers of ring-spun cotton with ear loop attachment.  Available in Navy, Red, White, Grey, Black and Charcoal.  Immediate stock available and low minimum of 12 pieces.

Single ply USA Made Cotton Mask

Made from Bella/Canvas fashion cotton t-shirt material these are soft and lightweight.  Behind the ear with two openings for sizing. Available in Black and Navy we have immediate stock.  Minimum 50 pieces

3-ply Cotton Pleated. (Port Authority)

Designed for maximum comfort, the Port Authority® Cotton Knit Face Mask goes beyond standard cotton masks thanks to our partnership with Sciessent, a U.S.-based global provider of antimicrobial solutions, to incorporate its Agion® treatment into the fabric. Red or Navy - 100 piece minimum, other colors available at higher minimum.

Tie back, 2 tone masks with filtration pocket (made in the USA)

A premium option is this tie back 2 tone mask.  Minimum order is 24 pieces, choose your trim color, our favorites are red or navy.  A great option is the pride trim (multi-colored).  With all the design and features this USA made mask is a value for the features starting at $15 per piece with one logo location included.

Features include 4 layers of organic cotton with a built in filter pouch.  The filter pouch can be used for additional filtration like a coffee filter or PM2 filter                            

What is the minimum order of masks - 12 pieces is the minimum order, decorated or blank.

How much do masks cost? -  The cost depends on the following:  

1. How many do you need?

2. How do you want to decorate?

3. Which style you select

4. Packaging options

So pricing can range from $2.00 per mask (blank single ply) to $20.00+ per mask (tie back style with multi-decoration).  We can help you consider the options.

What decoration is available for face mask? 

Our preferred decoration method is custom, full color transfer prints. We selected this style for a variety of reasons. 

  • The material is approved by the Consumer Product Commission for use in children’s apparel, one of the most stringent qualifications for decoration. 
  • We’ve opted to stay away from screen-printing (even though we are a screen-printer) because during that process additional chemicals may be applied to the garment, like adhesives. Because this item is covering the face of the individual, we decided screen-print would not be the best method, although some printers may opt to do this. 
  • A popular method for mask decoration is sublimation ( a full-color, all over process), which requires polyester material. The University of Arizona has not approved any polyester materials for internal departments.  

Our standard decoration heat transfer logo is on the left, right or both sides of the mask. We do not recommend any design that covers a person’s airflow for a variety of reasons. Other locations like over the nose or along the bottom of the mask could be considered.

What is the production time for Face Masks?

We have stock options that can be ready in a 7-10 working days after license approval.  

What packaging is available?

Standard packaging for custom masks is bulk packed in clear plastic bags, then boxed if needed.

As an option, we offer individual bagged face masks for an additional charge. This might be important if you are mailing out or want to be able to hand out single or double units to individuals while making the distribution more manageable. Please contact us for pricing and additional details.

Can Garment Graphics mail these?

Garment Graphics is a full-service promotional marketing company. We offer several fulfillment options to help you with distribution on masks or other projects. If you need to mail these directly to staff or student homes, we’ll provide you with a template to fill out for shipping. We’ll help determine best ship method, provide packaging choices and we can insert a letter or postcard from your department! Please contact us for pricing and additional details.

Useful tip:

All items that we offer are hand or machine washable and reusable unless otherwise noted. Hang drying is recommended.

The various styles have minimum quantities, you need to order at least those minimums but styles can be combined for decoration savings.

Technical Questions:

Can I get N95 masks or K/N95 masks from Garment Graphics either decorated or un-decorated?  - We have decided to not source the medical protective styles out of concern of reducing availability for medical professionals.  There are multiple applications for "N95" styles and all the style were immediately wiped out at the beginning of the pandemic.  Fervent demand also made this style the most likely for fraud, recall, price gouging and similar issues.

Will masks or face covers prevent me from catching the Covid-19 virus? - We are not making any claims of protection and would recommend doing your own research regarding masks.  Guidelines from the CDC and various government entities are recommending the use of non-medical styles for everyday use.  The guidelines vary by situation, you should consider your situation to make an informed decision.

What is different about a N95 or K/N95 mask that makes it better?  This type of mask is rated for limiting particulates at various levels.  This mask has ratings that protect the wearer.  Masks are not 100% protection, there are numerous variables that can also impact transmission of disease.

What about the FDA 3-ply mask? - A surgical style mask designed to protect the patient from the transmission of germs.  

Where do I find information regarding Face Mask recommendations - Link:

How it Works

Contact Us
We are ready to help with your choice and can answer your questions.  We can also help with logo and design ideas.

Step Two
Approve your order.  Once approved we can generate your proof for approval and submit for licensing approval.

Step Three
License approval and production.  We will keep you up to date on the progress.  Fulfillment project include prep for mailing including any additional materials.

Step Four
Face Covers arrive ready for use.  For fulfillment projects mailing goes out.

Ready for your next project.

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