Santa Cruz - Plaid Skirt for Grades 4-6

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Santa Cruz Catholic School Plaid #53 Skirt for girls in grades 4-6

  • Right side self-fabric pocket
  • Two Stitched Down Front & Back Inverted Pleats
  • Left Side Button and Zipper Closure
  • 3-6X, 7-18 & Girls Half Sizes: Adjustable Buttonhole Elastic Inside
  • Waistband
  • 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Plaid

Garment Graphics will only accept returns for plaids within 2 weeks of your received order. A $15.00 return fee may be applied to receive a replacement garment. 

If you need to return a plaid garment, please contact us at 520.544.0529.

Review sizing guides here: 


  • LG = Little Girl - sizes 6 
  • BG = Big girl - sizes 7-14
  • GH = Girl Half - sizes 6.5-16.5 Girl Half sizes are the larger garment.
  • Note: GH sizing typically works best for a shorter heavier body type. It is about the same length as the regular size, but wider. 

Plaid #54 Skirt

Plaid #54 Skirt

Plaid #54 Skirt

Plaid Design

Plaid #53

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