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Successful promotional products campaigns 

Rarely start with the product itself; S.W.A.G. is not Stuff We All Get, it is Strategic Ways to Achieve Goals! Mix in some creativity and execution with carefully selected promotional items and you have the ingredients for a successful campaign!

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Goals can be simple or complex – we have worked on thousands of campaigns and are ready to help you define your goals. Goals can include other types of marketing and incentive we can work with your team to coordinate a larger project.

Audience – the demographics, common interests, diversity, and size of an intended audience will help select the items with utility and impact.

Time-line – whether the promotion “event” driven for a specific date or is to be executed over an indefinite time-line we can help you plan for every stage. Fast-turn around and Rush Service is in our wheelhouse, we are ready to help when you need it most!

Distribution – an often overlooked part of promotional planning we have the tools from fulfillment to packaging to get the promotional items where they need to be. We can help with the expert advice for executing all types of events including managing volunteers and other factors.

Budget – many times an elusive topic with clients, we have the capabilities to work with almost any budget. Our clients count on having options to achieve their goals and our.

Creativity and Execution – awesome design, branding and expertise are a few of the capabilities that we add to your team when you work with Garment Graphics and Promotional Products. Our expertise with promotional items, packaging, apparel and decorating combined with our in-house fulfillment, decoration and other capabilities will give you confidence in selecting your promotions.

Fast-turn around and Rush Service – Advice for success when you need promotional items or custom apparel – FAST

  • Be available to make decisions.
  • Have artwork, logos or other designs available – immediately.
  • Be flexible to consider alternative ideas.
  • Commit to the promotion.

We have a great article on the top 5 mistakes for “I NEED IT FAST”

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