Custom Masks 

The three C's of masks and face coverings - Comfort, Cost, and Care are the most common questions we get from our clients.

The Mask Forecast - We see masks and face covers as a way of life for a minimum of an additional six months and a high likelihood of longer.  As businesses, schools, non-profits and other organizations continue to struggle with balancing mandates, safety, and the need to operate masks offer a unique marketing opportunity.  

The research is in!  Masks are an effective marketing promotion - 57% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that gave them an imprinted mask.  Only 39% of consumers report owning a logoed mask.  80% of consumer wear masks all or most of the time when in public.  71% of consumers would use their logoed mask on a weekly basis or more often and 34% said they would wear it everyday. - ASI Research Study 2020

OUR Favorite MASKS

Triple Layer Champro 
Corporate to Schools

Outdoors and Athletics
Teams to Construction

Value & Adjustable
Low Min & Quick Turn

Performance & Colors 
Adult & Youth

Masks as part of a promo campaign!

Reach your audience with a full campaign!  We can help you put together a great promotion.  Here is an example. 

Let us create a work at home engagement, onboarding, goodwill, and/or safety first campaign for your organization.  We handle the project Start to Finish and take care of all the details.  You will love the options to create connection in a distant world.