Five Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

BlogMany businesses have a blog on their website. The challenge isn’t so much creating a blog as it is creating a blog that people actually read. Creating an interesting and effective blog can boost your business in more ways than one. First, an effective blog creates traffic on your website. Obviously this can help boost business and create more customers. Second, an effective blog can help greatly with SEO. If you address frequently asked questions or interesting questions people want to know about your blog can help you reach the top of the charts on Google. In today’s day and age, that is something almost no business can afford to ignore. Here are a few tips on how to create blog articles that people actually want to read.

1. Use of power of lists and “vs” to get clicks - Something that compares one popular product or service to another or a numbered list is a great way to get clicks. Almost no-one will take the time to sift through long paragraphs of information to find out one or two useful facts. Presenting information in bulleted lists or in other compact forms will get your blog clicks with information people will enjoy reading.

2. Give People the “Best” – Another great word to put in a title is “best”. If you have the chance to utilize the word best, do it! Everyone wants to be the best or have the best. In addition, people are often searching for the “best way to…” so it’s a great way to increase SEO rankings.

3. Present Problems and  Solutions - People often want to know the pros and cons of a product. For instance, people may search “the problem with…”. Creating a blog that presents the problems with a certain product is great. If you can provide solutions to those, that’s even better.

4. Be the First to Reveal News - Every news station wants to be the first to break a big story. Why should your blog be any different? If you can be the first blog to reveal big and important news to the internet it can help establish you as a legitimate source for news, a leader in your field and it can get people to come back.

5. Honesty is Always the Best Policy - Don’t sugarcoat anything. If people are reading your blog they want the honest truth. If you give truthful answers to tough questions it can help you gain respect from your audience.

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